the pencil most likely over sharpened and shorter than normal is located at a table. there is an expression followed by a sigh. in a catalyst of content feeling, probably resulting from the overwhelming promise of better odds concerning writing due to all those pencils. there is a theory that a grasp yields another pencil butchered with a utility knife until the pencil is just a stub. you can imagine how such a theory would develop. to anyone concerned, at the moment, according to the author, this pencil (at least temporarily) is the writer's block.

another adjustment of posture, perhaps a bit fluent and pronounced. that simple act and posture change was intense. the feeling could have been due to bottled rage. you see, unused pencils lacked the ability to amuse in this case.

after a long exhale, swept shreds of pencil shavings in a box, and complete dismissal of certain memories, at least for now, is a conclusion somewhat unsettling. still no idea whether writer's block can be solved in this manner. there is the belief that there was a moment of peace and perhaps to some a temporary relief from a truly annoying issue.

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