a day complete, eavening setting
afternoon, conversation heads to a pleasant chat of past
recall of disaster and recovery
things outside of change
coherently letting go
all the bases covered - where are all my friends?
conversation set aside
unaware i was dreaming
still going
onscreen captain
what's the score?
do i have time to finish?

an unrehearsed departure
this is no longer happening
a thought of resolve - a solution in progress
found time to escape in between being captivated
absolutes are difficult concerning digestion
am i aware of the day?
what kind of person have i become?
attitude adjust
tomorrow's anyone's guess
today, an open chapter

a line or two about 'string' was suggested for no particular reason
there was a lead concerning the missing 'string' forecasted  
something someone might withhold saying : there might be mention of a particular alternative drink for some reason.