* thinking * about ' endorphin related prompting ', ( perhaps in a thought cloud ) with friends - drinking fruit punch, listening to a classical composer, the modern version like heavy metal. seems the music just keeps playing. while still without complaint; with everyone seated and in one way or another still figuratively ' strapped in ', a reasonable idea enters the consciousness. perhaps the music stops at some point.

there is rumor that someone is unsure how this is possible. ( probably within the thought cloud where an idea in progress results in a vision with the ' look ' of people being ' strapped to their seats ' ( like seat belts ) while envisioning what would be going on in this thought cloud have some plans that might be worth looking into. )

( originating from an idea, someone mentions those involved are ' outside ', still figuratively ' strapped in ', observing that someone is ' whining ' about how he or she is claustrophobic. do you have the ability to believe that? )

while playing a tiny musical stringed instrument with a bow, someone attempts to ' tell ' some potentially ' humorous ' lines, while another person says ' great going, plant eating lifeform that can sometimes be seen ' hopping ' '.

somewhere nearby, the thought continues in a cloud or bubble now portraying another person smiling and handing out drinks and snacks. people in training or at the very least retired awesomeness, currently connected to the idea of ' early morning beverages ' while thinking too much, attempt an explanation. this stopped at some point. there is hint of this phenomina causing hunger related issues.

a strange version of what appears like martial arts began. within sight of people moving all over the place like musical seats in mind, a conversation started. ' the dialogue ' is difficult to describe. ( this taking place as a vision in a thought cloud or bubble reconsidered )

these people are genius', really. so they figure out how to spar using the most humorous technique possible.

( revisiting the reconsidered thought bubble or cloud, ) envisioned as being still ' metaphorically ' ' strapped in ', outside, with the idea of a drink and snack of their choice. ( now a busy thought bubble, imagined is a setting where a ' pilot ', working with the ' team ' sitting near the controls and puzzled by the event, unknowing whether to become involved, or start chuckling. the ' pilot ' just shrugs and joins in; the ' staff ' or ' group ', rather, plans a bit, then also joins in. )

now, as you can imagine ( within the constraints mentioned earlier, advised ), the ' pilot ' is clothed like a ninja while this whole thing has been going on for half an hour or so, and no one is hurting the current report.

the neighbors are watching from across the street. no injuries, though they might be freaking out in midst of everyone involved seemingly paying no mind to them ( aside from watching from across the street, what are these individuals up to? ).

' perhaps they're on another plane,' the ' pilot ' thinks to himself or herself. '

seven or eight plus years invested designing this one, help from the ' group ' or ' team ' ( complicated listing the people, [ as far as currently known, busy with extensive activities such as monitoring and such, another choice was ' chosen ' ] ) provokes the synopsis at the moment: this ' group ' or ' team ' refuses to simplify the controls since they seem to be quite useful, yet a bit experimental. still in design for now, for this particular instance, anyway. ' ( this could be liked )

does anyone care? really, if there are dozens of controls with minimization a must for the description, as you might know, having all day to tell you how this works is a negative. ( in one of those clouds or bubbles is a vision of these controls with no labels in sight. ) for no particular reason, someone decides to find a beverage.

thought cloud : a muse theory rhetorically appears and says ' some sort of edit is forecasted concerning the ' foreseeable ' future. '