awakened early morning with the intentions of being up to nothing.

while letting a peek of sun through the window curtain, an attempt at looking in the mirror happens again:

there are no circles under the eyes: ( was up all nite cleaning the cobwebs of the mind, also yoga, followed by the thought of a nice shower ) unwilling to shave just yet. there was a feeling of being revived; 20 minutes of sleep was enough.

some instance of cleaning the room takes place as an hour of mindless organization resulting in a healthy environment, trailing the sense of therapy.

the end result is the action of going for a walk outside ( the climate was worth mentioning: a cool breeze with clouds, sun; encompassed within a coastal setting. )

the other day there was a journey to the courthouse with the considered reaction of checking every floor - even the cafeteria in the basement. ( lobster visions ) the final outcome for that trip was exiting the structure.

walked through the park and spent some of the day in the city while the vibe was invigorating.

had dinner at the local eatery somewhere that could be considered to be near downtown ordered about half ' to go '.

venturing into the village and arriving at the corner store to obtain the eqivalents of ice cream and a revitalizing drink took place.

the journey resulted in a walk back to the room where that morning began. there was the thought of playing guitar; channel surfing the television a bit turned into the mind ' wandering '. the nite creeped in creepily halloween scary evolving into a memory kelideoscope.

there was a serious rain, that. unsure what part of the week that was since that started on the sunny whether. the days blended for a second...

returning to the sun lit coastal setting revived some nice strolling. envisioned was that invigorating coastal vibe the people gave off. that was worth remembering, releasing the souls from prison, hello...

several days went on like this: ran some errands, visited the health center, got some work done. next the action of walking a couple, possible more blocks back to the room. there was some music, some television, and chats with neighbors. there was also emotional work. the thought of playing guitar went on for a while; listening to some tunes went on for a while.

finally meditation until sleep happens naturally. the status was being awake off and on. went for walks here and there followed. more journeys to the local convenience store and back to the room while the entire time thoughts of friends and family - people, pets, wildlife - chants or whatever - occupied the activity list, just to keep the silence from hurting.