morning up to nothing - letting a peek of sun through the window curtain looking in the mirror again - no circles under the eyes - was up all nite cleaning the cobwebs of the mind - yoga - nice shower - unwilling to shave just yet - that fantastic 20 minutes of sleep was enough

cleaning the room - an hour of mindless organization - healthy environment was therapy. went for a walk outside - whether was worth mentioning - cool breeze - clouds, sun - coastal setting.

the other day i went to the courthouse - checked every floor - even the cafeteria's in the basement (lobster visions) - exited - cut through the park and spent some time in the city while the vibe was invigorating.

had dinner at the local eatery downtown - about half to go - went deep into the village - the corner store - got eqivalents of ice cream and a revitalizing drink

went back to the room - played guitar - channel surfed a bit. the nite creeped in creepily halloween scary - a memory kelideoscope - there was a serious rain, that. unsure what part of the week since i started on the sunny whether - the days blended for a second...

back at the sun lit coastal setting i had some nice strolling - that invigorating coastal vibe - the people gave off was worth remembering, releasing the souls from prison, hello...

several days like this - ran some errands - visited the health center, got some work done, walked couple, possible more blocks back to the room. music, some television, chats with neighbors - emotional work. played guitar a while - listened to some tunes for a while - meditated - sleep happens naturally. awake off and on - went for walks - local convenience store - back to the room - the entire time thoughts of friends and family - people, pets, wildlife - chants or whatever - just to keep the silence from hurting.

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