while a name that starts with the letter h( ? ) [ ends with the letter e, an o is also part of the name ] is sitting on the chair, wondering what to write about, the phone rings. slightly startled, answers the phone, your lack of awareness acknowledged, as a gentle individual, makes self known as ' a name that starts with the letter m. ' ( official sounding tone, declaring, rather blandly - ends with the letter k, no letter i ).

h( ? ): ' great... i was just about to call you anyway; glad to hear from you - how are things? '

m( ? ): ' things are just fine, they'd be better if a dozen aspects of my life were different, yet you know... such is the form of living currently goes as of now. '

h( ? ): ' sad to hear that. i've my own set of struggles. there are so many thoughts going through my mind. training to think about travel while the mind will be focused to meditate. like medicine, with more meditation, life may start to improve. '

m( ? ): ' a little bit off in left field, entertaining this idea for now: sure within some form or another, an applied science becomes a cool technique to get to a state where there's the realization that we're on a plane that has yet to have departed toward a destination. '

h( ? ): ' what is the hell? ' there shall be no answer for now. would you like to do this thought experiment? '

m( ? ): ' with a strong mind with the strength to settle down and sit in the pilot's seat, moving over to your team with focus, you might discover an unforgettable will.

this will must be there and remain a part of the team through all phases. you'll need the will to move forward, the will to prepare, etc... eh, you should already have that topic covered. this should go without saying. '

h( ? ): ' do you feel like making sense at some point? '

m( ? ): ' with clear mind, focus, collaboration, and will to drive toward a conclusion: getting organized, checks, rechecks and triple checks are an absolute must. what follows is a context where life is stable. your team is qualified - they're prepared, working with you, and you just get along with them. '

yourself, and the individuals currently in a state of being co-workers are professionals, qualified for just about anything that happens. these individuals know the correct person to contact. should anything occur beyond you or your team's ' scope ', there exists, of course, the will to make this all happen and the knowledge to correct mistakes.

these persons are captivated with that drive; collaboration is required. without each person on the team, nothing works just right. '

h( ? ): ' if being a part of this team, the wonder grows into a question: is this going to be a mutually rewarding experience? ' there was a quick mention of a ' logical exit '.

m( ? ): ' some time elapses as you adjust to one another. '

someone just departed from the ' lab ' muttering : ' there's ' the significance ', ( so to speak ) of all technical tools - the controls ' (for lack of a better term).

the next setting is late nite.

wide awake, and still with the team in the lab; knowing what to do, each person starts working with the system at hand and knows full well their part. obviously this requires total focus and drive; what to do with that potential leaves the possibilities endless.

everyone on the team backs up their mind. the instance where the crew finally gets the chance to speak the ' keywords ' ( system aware ) that are required to translate this into a full status are in use: - ' pause '! '