no additive thirst quenching beverage

if you are staring in a certain direction, what can be observed is the process of ' drinking ' some sort of ' punch '. if the question ever comes up, this should be known as a ' cold ', or ' room temperature ' beverage. warm and ' too warm to be considered warm anymore ' beverages were discussed ' elsewhere '.

perhaps there is a potential to travel using a thought ' bubble ' or ' cloud ':

without complaint and with everyone seated, with the ear's interpretation of ' music ' just continuously playing until requested to stop, the attempt to explain thirst went on for a while.

being ' strapped in ' could be representative of being ' secured for travel '.

you might be able to do this standing, however this particular thought involves being ' seated ' for at least part of the journey. the ' sound ' or ' tune ' would have gone as an individual might envision. perhaps someone is trying to sing, or perhaps there is an attempt at playing a musical instrument. you may decide this for yourself.

in a separate, though equally important ' thought ' bubble ' or ' cloud ' ', you can witness someone playing a tiny stringed instrument that sometimes has a bow and sounds often like a sad singer is making sounds. in this instance, playing an ' instrument ' was chosen.

a short, written article or guide with text, or type is near with what could be imagined as ' directions ', ' sitting ' on a surface. you could call this a booklet or pamphlet.

could very well be that this happened without a beverage.

a discussion about ' proof ' might occur at some point.

perhaps what is like a vision or ' motion painting ' with ' voice capabilities ' revealing a sight where someone attempts to tell a rendition of what could be interpreted as ' humor ' resulting in another individual that says ' good one, winged creature that makes a sound like that instrument with a bow ', could be the end result of a vivid imagination.

a rather monotonous voice sputters out the numbers 19, 15, 19 [ there is rumor these numbers vary ] for no particular reason, then is suddenly silent.

an excuse for this activity was mentally drafted, though there is doubt that any words were spoken concerning this matter.