no additive thirst quenching beverage

in a floating cube with warriors 'sparring', you can hear this question being asked: 'does anyone care?', followed by this answer: 'really? if there are dozens of controls then minimization is a must.' this answer resulted in this response: ' lack of awareness of these dozen 'controls' you say, is the conclusion that might reach your feeble intellect.'

for some odd reason, the 'sparring' ceased. a frequency sync request buzzed in to the 'warriors' asking if they would 'surrender the controls' and send documentation about how to use them. this request allegedly caused the warriors to continue sparring, though a frequency match was observed and documentation (with disclaimers) reached the other 'think bubble'. some voice commands were mentioned, though their usage contained disclaimers in the conversation.

one warrior walked in a 'zig zag' pattern in attempt to communicate with the documentation. this warrior was temporarily ignored. surrendering 'the controls' was denied for now. there was a brief discussion of a possible control design meeting set for a future date though.