no additive thirst quenching beverage

you might notice that someone could very well be 'listening' to a supposed 'classical composer', though the vision might appear more like a modern version of skilled heavy metal 'music'. the 'sound' of this 'music' shall remain in 'question' for now.

if you'd like, imagine a thought cube inside a thought bubble where you plan a journey, and perhaps have the 'opportunity' to view what this looks like. do you think this as a 'cloud' would go differently?

without complaint and with everyone seated, in one way or another, seemingly 'strapped in', the ear's interpretation of 'music' just keeps playing.

this would have gone as an individual might envision. perhaps someone is trying to sing, or perhaps there is an attempt at playing a musical instrument. you may decide this for yourself.

in a separate, though equally important 'thought cloud' you can witness someone playing the world's 'smallest' stinged instrument that uses a bow and sometimes hair to make a sound. in this instance, playing an 'instrument'' was chosen.

a short, written article or guide with text, or type is near with what could be imagined as 'directions', 'sitting' on a surface. you could call this a booklet or pamphlet.

perhaps what is like a vision or 'motion painting' with 'voice capabilities' revealing a sight where someone attempts to tell a joke resulting in another individual that says 'great going, hopping character that makes a singing sound like the stringed instrument that often is used with a bow'. a rather monotonous voice sputters out the numbers 19, 15, 19 [ there is rumor these numbers vary ] for no particular reason, then is suddenly silent.

the scene moves to a strange version of what appears to be an odd version of martial art, almost looking animated as the thought cloud is filled with extremely cleaver individuals while settles seemingly engaged in a 'quiet spar', yet trying to avoid the interaction.

people are moving all over the place. thoughts in mind were racing from scene to scene trying to make sense out of what was just envisioned.

currently in observation appears like a theatrical display of 'musical seats', watching several characters get comfortable in a chair or bench, then moving shortly after. that was beginning to look really interesting.

this activity was interrupted by an announcement from what seemed like a seasoned speaker, resulting in a few seconds of silence. what followed was several individuals getting 'seated', mostly facing one another, getting coordinated.