no additive thirst quenching beverage

as if some lockdown sequence gets announced denoting the end of a crucial age, a process begins that suggests a very structured system is in the works. one particular response was a quick 'hearing' about a conversation that consisted of a person that starts whining about being claustrophobic.

an interpretation of this could be described as someone was 'over hearing' or 'listening' to a conversation, at a 'distance'.

the supposed setting mentioned was taking place outside. for the time being, this is 'usual' and events such as the one described is something you can believe. you have the right to have 'reserves' about the normality of such events.

there was suggestion of 'people' in 'training'. a brief dialogue that served as a 'disclaimer' suggested strongly by several individuals that being 'retired' was important information, explaining that another event previously took place during the 'suggest phase'.